Should we buy the Rabbit R1 ?
(Hell Yes !)

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**Well, the CES buzz of the day is the Rabbit R1**

A pocket AI assistant that proposes to mark a turning point in our daily interaction with technology. Basically, the iPhone of AI (again? Yes, again).

**🔍 OK, but what is the Rabbit R1?**

The Rabbit R1 presents itself as a compact device, designed to offer an enriched and personalized user experience. Its portability is a major asset, combining practicality and technological performance. It’s not a mobile phone, it’s a device, which operates ‘intelligent’ routines.

**🤔 What do we think?**

While recognizing the potential of the Rabbit R1, it’s important to remain cautious and evaluate this technology thoroughly. The promises of innovation must be measured against their actual application and added value in both professional and personal contexts.

**🤖 AI Capabilities and Potential Applications**

The AI of the Rabbit R1 is designed to adapt and respond to the specific needs of users. This flexibility opens up interesting perspectives, especially in managing daily tasks, optimizing professional productivity, and improving interaction with smart technologies.

**🛒 Should we buy it ?**

YES ! and 4 undebatable reasons :
1. It’s a rabbit. Technology & rabbit = YYES (rafi Haladjian would approve)
2. $199 is the perfect « if it’s the real deal I can’t miss it » tag price
3. Even Wired wants us to ! (This is where I discover Wired still exists…)
4. Worst case scenario : it will end in my « yeah but no » drawer with my Newton, my Palm Pilot, etc…….

Of course, when it arrives in March 2024, we’ll have forgotten we ordered it.
But we can’t change who we are! (and surely don’t want to)

(yes I still try to use #markdown on linkedin and they keep ignoring it)

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