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Yoigo prepaid : your solution for mobile data during the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress starts next week.

The major international event for our industry takes place in Barcelona, as usual.

We will all have a heavy mobile data usage. For most of us, it means roaming with stupidly expensive prices. (€1,5 Euro per Mb with French carriers)

For the last 3 years I’ve trusted Yoigo for all my mobile data connections in Spain.

Yoigo is a Spanish 3G carrier with an amazing prepaid offer :

The sim-card cost is €10 €20. Including  …. €10 €20 of communications

Yoigo charges 1,20 €3.00 per day for UNLIMITED data. So the initial credit is enough for the whole congress week.

My additional trick : I put the SIM in an old N95 with Joikuspot running. I then connect my laptop & iPhone to the wifi hotspot I created.

(If we meet there, I promise, I’ll give you my passwword 😉 )

Yoigo Internet settings:

  • APN – internet
  • username – yoigo
  • password – yoigo

See you there !

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