Xindesk : An Ajax WebOS

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Another runner in the WebOS race : Xindesk
Here’s what you can find on their website :

Xindesk features close to every application you find on your desktop PC from start, for free. Store your files in the file manager. Browse the web or store your bookmarks in the Internet Browser. Customize your desktop with the stickies application with RSS support. The mail application comes with a free Xinmail account, but also support 3rd party POP and IMAP4 accounts. Of course there’s productivity applications with MS Office support, an address book, a photo viewer and some games. We are also developing an instant messenger with Jabber, AOL/ICQ and MSN support. Another key feature of Xindesk is that it enables you to share anything – pictures, music and other files, with your colleagues, friends or family members.

Sounds interesting, I registered, still waiting for the confirmation email.

If you are a user, please tell me what you think

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