Why is Shozu only an enabler ?

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Most of you know Shozu.
For the other ones : Shozu is a wonderful Java app that adds a “send to” menu to the camera feature of your phone.

It makes the publication to flickr or YouTube (or dozen of other services) from a mobile phone easy.

Now the question is : why only an enabler ?

So Shozu is a publishing tool.
Every picture/video you publish with their tool goes through their server and is then redirected to your favorite publishing platform.

They also have a nice feature called “Zucast”.
This features seamlessly sends content to your phone : you subscribe to a few services (bikini girls, jet-set pictures,..) from Buzznet, JetSet Show, RocketBoom & Webshots, you receive them on your phone and open them through the Shozu application. Very easy to use, but not very good content.

Considering that today there’s no real Mobile UGC destination (ever tried to browse youtube or flickr from your mobile ?), here’s what I think Shozu should do:

  1. Add a “Tag this” feature in the “send to” menu
  2. Ask for “double storage” feature (“Do you allow Shozu to host & publish your content in addition to your favorite destinations ?”)
  3. Create a public profile (I’m logged on Shozu, maybe I’d like people to browse http://www.shozu.com/user/dumeny to see my pictures & videos in the same place)
  4. Add “subscribe to a tag” in Zucast

Then you would get a huge source of mobile UGC, you could browse it from a PC, from a mobile and receive content like a podcast in your mobile.

They have the technology, they have the user-base, they could have the content, there is a business model (advertising)

They would be the biggest mobile UGC destination site.

why don’t they do it ?

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