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Tumblr iPhone 1.1 Sneak Peek!



It’s been submitted to the App Store and should be live this week!  Here’s a preview from its wonderful developer, Jeff Rock:

  • Video posts. Choose from your camera roll or capture a new video right from the app (iPhone 3GS only).
  • Native editing. Need to add tags or update a post on the go? Just tap the ‘edit’ button on a post in the Dashboard to load it up in a native post editor.
  • Search. Supports searching across Tumblr, in your Dashboard or on just your posts.
  • Built-in web browser. No more losing your place when you tap a link in Dashboard. Now a web browser will pop up and let you investigate the interwebs.
  • Post upload status. Never wonder how long it’s going to take that Audio post to upload again.
  • Post geotagging. Even I’m not sure what this is for, but I’m sure that it’s going to be awesome.
  • Rewritten Dashboard tab (replaces the Sites tab). See all your posts from each of your blogs, including drafts and queues.
  • Rewritten Advanced Post Options. New support for Save as draft, Add to Queue, Publish on, Custom post URL’s, Send to Twitter and Ask a question.
  • Dashboard now only reloads on command. Not every time you tap the tab. Sorry about that one 😛
  • Better quality photo posts. Photos are now sent with less compression.
  • New bookmarklet format for links. More info coming once 1.1 goes live.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where a post that has been saved for later can become corrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where Photo posts can cause crashes.
  • Fixed memory leaks.

There’s even more, but most of it is stuff you won’t see. Much of the core of the application was rewired, re-factored, re-plumbed, simplified and enhanced. The end result being a snappier, more flexible code base that’s ready for all the stuff coming in 1.2 and beyond.

We’ll let you know once it goes live on the App Store!

J’ai hate !

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