Soul Psychodelicide

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Fin août 1982, j’ai 11 ans, c’est bientôt la rentrée scolaire, dans quelques jours j’entre en sixième au collège Monséjour à Bordeaux, je vais trainer chez un copain, Stéphane Perrier.Je ne me souviens de rien de particulier de cette après-midi probablement passée à discuter filles, vacances et séries télé.De rien…

A Synopsis of Tim Burton’s Batman Based Only on the Prince Soundtrack

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Chances are most of us have seen the 1989 Batman movie at least once. But what if you’d only ever heard the soundtrack album by Prince? What would you think the plot of the movie was? Basically, it’s the story of Batman’s nemesis Partyman, and his ultimate weapon: the Lemon…

Prince’s ‘Sign O’ the Times’ Turns 30: All the Songs Ranked

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Prince’s ‘Sign O’ the Times’ Turns 30: All the Songs Ranked One theory for Prince’s invincibility in the ‘80s and relative fallibility in subsequent decades is that after becoming a star, he needed the Revolution to keep him in check. (…) Read full article

A Better Place 2 Die

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Moonbeam Levels is an unreleased song recorded on 6 July 1982 (the day before Lady Cab Driver), at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA. NPG Records and Warner Bros. announced in October 2016 that Moonbeam Levels will be released as the only previously-unreleased track on the first posthumous compilation of Prince’s…

These 2 words

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a little bit behind the beat. I mean just enough 2 turn u on. 4 everytime she said the words another one of his doubts were gone. Should he try 2 rapt with her? Should he stand and stare? No one else was watching her, she didn’t seem 2 care.…

Welcome 2 The Dawn

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“Celui qui a le mieux exprimé la fête dans sa musique, c’est Prince. Sa musique, c’est la fête : jusque dans l’indiscernabilité du ridicule et du sublime, du mysticisme le plus naïf et de la sexualité la plus débridée. La musique de Prince, c’est la fête cérémonielle des hiérophantes du…

Prince & The Revolution : Adonis And Bathsheba

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Adonis And Bathsheba is an unreleased track recorded on 27 July, 1986 at Prince‘s Galpin Blvd Home Studio (the day after The Ball, three days before the release of a 12” single of Anotherloverholenyohead). Prince had just completed the final version of the Dream Factory album, and it is unknown…

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6aAXMLlY1I8a587KQIxOdz Blurred Lines pompé sur Sexy Ways ? C’est un peu tiré par les poils des oreilles No sample of #Funkadelic‘s ‘Sexy Ways’ in @RobinThicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines’ – yet Armen Boladian thinks so? We support @RobinThicke @Pharrell! — George Clinton (@george_clinton) August 16, 2013

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Prince & 3rdEyeGirl – The Max (Coliseu De Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal. Aug 17th 2013)  (Source:

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6CXO2SfbjbVIGFJHG2qVlK j’avais oublié comme ce titre sonnait J.Jam/T.lewis/MPLSSound/J.Jackson