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If you’re in Paris you probably saw this ad from Vittel. (click to enlarge)

Probably something humoristic (that doesn’t make me laugh) because it says “almost as small as a MP3 player” with a picture obviously showing it’s a joke.

But what really make me wonder is this Ipod on the picture. It is a real Ipod, not a mock-up, so the two brands had to agree on this.
The questions are :

  1. Who paid who ? Vittel to use the Ipod, Apple to be on the picture, both sharing the cost ?
  2. Why does Apple want to be here ?
  3. Why did Vittel think that showing an actual Ipod is usefull ?
  4. If it is usefull, why showing the device but not using the name ? (“As small as an Ipod” would have been more sexy)

I’m not a marketing guru at all, just a simple customer, but here I’m lost.

Any Idea ?

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