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I’ve been obsessed for quite a few years by the kind of service that allows you to browse, store, read your files from any place, any device.

I don’t care where my music, pictures, video, documents are stored, I want to use theme from home, the office, my mobile, an hotel room and dozens of other places I don’t know yet.

Of course I can install orb for my media, have my documents on writely, use a webmail, install FolderShare on every of my pc’s… But I need to anticipate, and that’s what I don’t want to do.

I want the experience to be seamless, I don’t want to have dozens of destinations on the web for my my files.

It seems that Sharpcast heard me and is planning that kind of service. (well, not really heard, thought the same)

Here is what they claim on a write/web comment:

“At Sharpcast, we believe the right user experience is something closer to how in a corporate Exchange server environment, Microsoft Outlook works seamlessly with Outlook Web Access on any browser and a Blackberry mobile device. The user has the choice of interacting with his data in the most optimal way depending on whether he is connected or offline, which one of his devices he is on and so on.

We decided that every application should work like that for consumers and Sharpcast Photos is the first application that demonstrates this user experience.”

For now they just propose a solution for photos, which not very astounding as there still are dozens of that kind of photo-sharing services, yet the deskotp application is very easy to use and quite promising for next releases
Waiting for the full monty now

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