Prince / U Gotta Shake Something (The Flesh)

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U Gotta Shake Something is an unreleased track (mostly instrumental with some chants) recorded on 30 December, 1985 (the same day Eric Leeds added overdubs to A Couple Of Miles and that Most Strongest Whiskey and Voodoo Who were recorded) at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA. The track is introduced by a DJ (played by Eric Leeds) stating “You are listening to WOOL, your alternative music station. Here’s the brand new one by The Flesh, ‘U Gotta Shake Something'”. It was not, however, included on the 22 January, 1986 configuration of The Flesh album, which was ultimately abandoned. The track has an audience sound dubbed onto it throughout the track. Other than the similarity in title and the chanted phrase “you got to shake something”, this track is unrelated to Shake! Princevault

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