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SFR will launch Mobisud with Maroc Telecom.

This announcement is made under the MVNO wave that is dominating the french market for almost 1 year.

After testing this market with a dedicated prepaid card called “Europe/Maghreb” this summer (with this card you can call Europe and North Africa at the same price), SFR will launch a full branded offer next december.

Budget Telecom (prepaid fixed line calls) will announce an offer close to this one in the next few days.

It makes lots of sense to target this population : they are heavy users of dedicated calls offers, they use fixed lines a lot because of adapted pricing plans.
I worked on that kind of an offer a few years ago, the market is terrific.

But more beside the target and the business opportunity, what is very interesting here is the deployement of those “false MVNOs”.
SFR is a carrier, Maroc Telecom is a carrier too. They are not virtual at all.

Beside real MVNOs (Ten, NRJ, Budget Telecom), carriers now launch in-house MVNO to adress specific targets, it’s nothing more than dedicated marketing offers.

The question is : why not using the heavy-investement-brand they already have ?

Is the SFR brand a handicap ?

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