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Last september, SFR launched an offer called “SFR Jeunes Talents”
Tentative to increase arpu or branding initiative

SFR jeune talents” is a new service from the french #2 carrier.
Singers, musicians, DJ’s and bands can create an account, upload tracks and be heard by people on the Internet and from 3G phones.
Communities, rankink, discovery tools, Web2.0, user generated content, this service has everything to succeed.

SFR will even produce the most popular bands CD’s & concerts.
Why does SFR launch that kind of service ?

Of course it’ll generate some revenues from the downloads. But I think the real thing is not about money (of course it’s always about money ! but not from the service itself this time)
I think it’s all about branding and developping Vodafone Live as a brand for youth.
MVNOs are getting stronger in France, the most successful ones are clearly targeting teenagers (M6 Mobile, Universal Mobile, NRJ Mobile, Virgin Mobile).
It’s about time for real carriers to invest in this field.

A Very interesting initiative supported by a perfectly executed website.

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