Mobile Web 2.0 : The Ten commandments

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Brian Fling attended the Mobile 2.0 conference, he gives his feedback on Blue Favor.

Read his 10 rules

  1. Mobile 2.0 = The Web
  2. This one is easy, of course the equation is obvious. Yet I think that if they hope they’ll move from one world to another, they’re wrong as it only works in an always on world which can’t be the case on mobile for a few years.

  3. The mobile web browser is the next killer app
  4. True of course, but still they should talk about “mobile browser”

  5. Mobile Web Applications are the future
  6. 3 rules for the same thing… Mobile Web Applications are the furture of Web but not the only future of Mobile

  7. AJAX is the next frontier
  8. Of course ! until something replaces ajax in a few years (or monthes or weeks or days) as the new trendy technology.

  9. Javascript kills battery life
  10. I have absolutely no opinion. do they ?

  11. The Mobile User Experience Sucks/Rules/Is Hot!
  12. No kidding ! It sucks now, it could be hot.

  13. Mobile Widgets are the next big thing
  14. Ok, I’m lost. Wasn’t mobile web the next big thing ?

  15. The Carrier is the new “C” word
  16. Yeah sure, everybody hate carriers, those greedy ennemies, standing on our way to make splendid, usefull, beautiful & profitable applications. They’re useless !
    BTW, who builds the mobile networks? Who gives high-end devices to our customers for a few bucks ? Who offers billing systems ? who built interconnection between networks ?
    Let’s grow up and stop crying. Carriers built the ecosystem, they’re the most important part of it and without them it would collapse

  17. People abuse the Podium
  18. Human nature

  19. We are creators not consumers
  20. Who are the consumers then ? (who’s gonna pay ???)

Read it, make up your mind and build the mobile 3.0 world

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