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The register has an interesting piece about what will happen when mobile will be the heart of our digital lives.

Lots of people (including me) think that mobile phones will become our universal digital remote.

We’ll manage all our digital data from our mobile, our digital identity will be stored in our mobile

What is still missing for this to happen ? (some from The Register piece, some from me)

  • Storage : It’s a question of time, and not much time, before small & large-capacity HD are avalaible, some phones will also embed flash memory
  • Formats : If a mobile phone is the center of the digital experience, it has to deal with any format. It’s merely unlike to happen as long as mobile OS are not open, it’ll only happen when anyone will be allowed to develop players without device manufacturers agreement (would Divx player exist if it was waiting for Dell or Apple approval ?)
  • DRM : Even if DRM will probably decline & disappear in a few years, in the meantime we need to be able to transfer our rights from one device to another
  • Power : did you try to have a data 3G session, a bluetooth transfer & a phone call at the same time ? If it ever works, your phone battery will die within a few minutes
  • UI : Even with Symbian 6 (probably the best mobile UI at the moment) I don’t see how you can deal with all these features with the prehistoric derived from PC world UIs. Have a look at Mobiface about this)

What do you think ? Do you even think mobile will have this role ?

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