Live from Mobile 2.0 in Barcelona

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Quotes :
mobile is a “life reporter”
my mobile is watching me,
India gets everyday a “finland” of new mobile users
Mobile internet shall be a “personal internet”
We’ve got to stop developping “ported” applications
All the cool stuff is yet to happen
We are at a very early stage of this market
I will change Vodafone from the inside (Tommy AHlers – ZYB) (probably joking…)
social networking is about “how is this gonna help me to get laid”
To find investors you have to invent something that connects people
Operators can’t innovate
Inma Martinez to operators’s panel : “if people start streaming videos of their kids or uploading flickr streams to their boyfriend, your network’s going to go down. But hey, that’s the sad story of your business”

My thoughts :
They all talk about “market” rarely about “usage”, maybe they should rethink the approach
2.2% of french mobile users going to mobile social software…. Well, some work stil to be done…
As always, bitching about carriers (and how they steal vast part of the value). It’s kind of an official religion to hate them, despite the fact that they are litteraly powering this market
Zero IPO in this part of the economy Q1 08. Does it mean it’s dead or changing ?
Kooaba looks very cool ! Rummble too !!
End of OS fragmentation, flat fee data, good device UI, hundreds of innovative startups. We may finally see this market boom in the next few months (well, ok, years)

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