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Infospace a lancé sa version iPhone de Find-It (PR).

Il s’agit d’un service en ligne de Local Search qui permet de retrouver des infos de navigation, cartographie, et points d’intérêt.

Portage de l’application pour Blackberry (particulièrement interessante pour les modèles avec GPS, les critiques placent ce service en tête du segment, le déclarant notamment plus complet et ergonomique que le service Google du même type. (Information Week : Is InfoSpace’s New iPhone App Better Than Just Using Google Search?)

Extraits :

The nice thing about Find It is that you don’t have to type anything except for the zip code. Once you have, it remembers that location and lists it as an option for future searches. Hitting the “Dine Out” button brings you to a short list of search options, such as “all restaurants”, “Mexican” and so on. I tapped “all restaurants” and watched as 50+ results popped up for my town. Five are listed at a time, and the distance and street address are clearly listed on the screen. Clicking on the name of a restaurant brings up its full address and phone number, which can be automatically dialed from the browser.

Find It listed nearly everything in the vicinity, and included a nice dose of local mom-and-pop type places. With Google, once the Google Maps application was opened, there was no “back” function to take you to the original results. You had to hit the “home” button on the iPhone and then re-open the browser. Find It’s maps remain in the browser page, and you can go back to previously viewed pages easily.

As much as I worship at the altar of Google, I have to say, Find It was more intuitive and produced a much better list of results that mattered to me.

A tester, si vous êtes aux US et si vous avez un iPhone (cela dit ca marche evidemment aussi depuis un navigateur web classique)

(Vous comprendrez que je ne donne pas mon avis)

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