Hands on the Nokia N95 : The end of the prototype syndrom

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I had the Nokia N95 in hands this week at the Orange Camp in Cadiz.

I don’t need to come back on its features. GPS, HSDPA, 5M Carl Zeis camera,… (read tons of reviews here)

More than being a super-powered phone, it’s a nice one !

Nokia is finally breaking with it’s prototype syndrom.
Do you remember the 7650 ? how it looked liked a prototype with it’s crappy plastic and noisy sliding feature ?

This phone has everything plus it’s (relatively) small, light, thin (at least smaller, lighter & thinner than the N80,N91,N93) & it’s easy to use (the double sided sliding feature is great)

It seems that I’ll have to change my mobile again in a few months !

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