Giiks : the Bouygues Telecom non-official blog

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Have a look at, it’s a blog, with a very nice template, talking about Mobile Internet.

The strange thing is that Mobile Internet is Imode for this blog (I’m not an Imode user, yet I thought I was using the mobile internet).

It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to understand that this website is a Bouygues Telecom publication. It only talks about their offers and never says anything that is not absolutely posivitve about Imode.

The website is published by “Human To Human”, a communication agency with Bouygues as a client

Of course it’s a good idea to say “blog” instead of “corporate web site”, but maybe when you make a fake, you should consider that you’re readers are not totally stupid, they read advertising here, not blog posts.

And they see it (I hope !)

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