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Jackson,Brown & Prince Vidéo envoyée par vanallen
Mid 80’s, James Brown is playing live, Michael Jackson & Prince are in the audience. James asks them to come on the stage.

Michael is at the climax of his fame & talent, just before the downfall.
He joins for a mere 1 minute, full of falsetto voice, copyrighted “whooo oooo” & moonwalks.

Then Princes comes (& Michael lives). Purple Rain era.
He plays the guitar for a short funky jam, leads the band who follows his signs, have a few sexy poses, James Brown style screams & dance steps.
More than a Prince style jam, it’s a James tribute.

All the difference between those 2 guys is there, Michael is one of the greatest performers of this period, Prince was a great performer AND a wonderful musician (& still is, see below).

Enjoy !

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