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This clock doesn’t exist yet, it’s an online beta.

It’s supposed to connect to your Google Calendar (900mHz network), then displays when you’ll be busy, change the background color according to your status (free, soon to be busy, busy) and even show how much time you have to set free before a meeting to drive to the meeting location (synchronizing with Google Maps) or compare several calendars.

Albeit the fact that it seems to be a very cool clock (and that I’d definitely buy one !), this whole thing is very interesting as it is in 2 ways a move from Digital to Real world :

  1. The product itself : a physical extension to online information. Like Nabaztag, the clock is changing according to a remote information.
  2. The product process : it doesn’t exist yet, it’s a pure design work-in-progress. If it raises interest, it’ll end up being actually produced.
    It’s on online beta of a real gadget !

Ain’t that very cool ?

Ambient Clock Via TomSoft

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