Adfonic launches the industry’s first open and transparent mobile ad marketplace; addressing the needs of advertisers and publishers

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This month, we launched our open and transparent Premium Network giving advertiser’s greater efficiency over the way they buy mobile media, while giving publishers greater control over their mobile inventory.

When commentators in the mobile advertising space talk about the factors stifling growth, they often cite the following reasons; the economic meltdown, mobile percentage of ad budgets, web browsers, quality mobile inventory, acceptance by consumers, and the list goes on. We think that the biggest barriers are visibility and access to high quality mobile inventory.

Comparing how ads are bought today through other mobile ads networks, Adfonic’s advertisers will be able choose exactly what mobile sites and apps their ads will run on. Moreover, advertisers will be able to browse publisher media buying profiles on the website and have full visibility on the minimum prices that have been set by the publisher. This change enables advertisers to close the optimisation loop by diverting spend to the sites and apps that are driving the numbers and delivering the results clients want.

On the publisher side, publishers will be able to control and optimise their minimum floor price by gauging how much advertisers are willing to pay for their inventory. Furthermore, they will also be able to control what ads are displayed via the Ad Management interface and specify categories for exclusion.

On other mobile ad networks today, media buyers probably don’t know what mobile sites or apps their ads are going to land on, they cannot report this information back to their clients and they certainly cannot fully optimise camapigns becuase they just don’t know what sites or apps are delivering the results.

In other forms of digital advertising, like online, there’s an implicit expectation that total transparency is already built into platforms and advertisers navigate their way around choosing the best publishers that best fit their media buying requirements. Contrast all this to the well established world of offline advertising and a media buyer would never purchase any time or ad space unless they knew exactly where their ad was going to be shown.

The mobile advertising space has to start shifting towards a more open and transparent business model, aligning itself with some of the norms that have already been established in digital advertising. This is something that is not only stalling the growth potential of mobile advertising but causing advertisers to waste ad budgets unnecessarily and give publishers a bad user experience by not better matching campaigns with publications.

Adfonic will be the first mobile ad network to deliver visibility into process of buying mobile media, we will see what impact this has on the rest of the market over time … watch this space.

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