3h45 later, All The Critics Loved Him in New Morning

In Non classé
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2h30 am

01.NPG Intro / Stratus
02.Brown skin (?)
03.I’ve never loved a man
04.Baby love
05.Beautiful strange
06.Sometimes it snows in April
08. (?) w/Uptown interpolation

——-Encore 1———
09.When will we b paid?
10.Que sera sera
11.Controversy w/Housequake chants

——-Encore 2——-
12.I love u but i don’t trust u anymore
14.The ride / Blue Motel Room
15.Miss you

——-Encore 3——-
18.How come u don’t call me anymore? w/Please please please

——-Encore 4——-
19.Shake your body
20.Everyday people
21.I want to take you higher

——-Encore 5——-
22.Purple Music / All the critics love u in New Morning
23.Dance (disco heat)

———Encore 6———
Piano Set
24.Diamonds & pearls
25.Raspberry beret
26.Starfish & coffee
27.Venus de Milo
28.Still waiting
29.Future soul song
30. “Oh New Morning” – Purple Rain

Synth outro

 6:15 am

(Via Calhoun, Via Schkopi, via Moquake, Via Bhan “mic stand” La Rouge)

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