1 week with a N91

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It’s been now 2 weeks that I’ve been using a Nokia N91.

I was previusly using a SonyEricsson W900i with a 1go SD Card

What I like :

  • More memory space (4gb is really enough for what I need)
  • WiFi
  • Very good MP3 player software
  • Podcasting capabilities
  • Symbian S60
  • Fantastic Shozu integration
  • Decent cameraphone

What I don’t like :

  • It’s weight (150g !)
  • It’s headphones (tortures my ears)
  • The camera function you can’t open in 1 click (or I didn’t figured how to do it)
  • Overall navigation is quite slow

Now I need to stuff it with lots of (un)usefull apps. I already use : Shozu, Nokia Podcasting, Hier, Agile Messenger, QReader, Mobile Weather, Google Maps.

What’s your advice ?

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